Saturday, 17 July 2010

You're holding me back....I WANT TO LIVE!!!!

Times Together “The Changing Of the Leaves” 7”
Just Another Day Records

This bands name has always annoyed the fuck out of me, it reminds of some crap third tier euro-youthcrew band from 97. I will say that in the irritation stakes it’s definitely in my top 5 behind Have Heart, Fumbles In Life and For Friendships Sake. However, sappy names aside Times Together are easily one of my favourite current HC bands. This 7” is so fucking good. When it comes to bands of this style (traditional late 80’s/97 revival stuff) i seriously think TT are top of the heap. I dunno if they get a lot of props, they seem overlooked to me and that’s a shame because everything here is right on the money. Imagine, if you will the rugged driving energy of No For An Answer’s “You laugh” ep, tempered with the melodic, rocking sensibilities of Bolds last record and you’ll have something close to the TT sound. The vocalist has a perfect voice for a band of this style and sounds just like a cross between Dan O Mahoney and Pat Dubar of Uniform Choice.
Not too preachy lyrically, with more of an introspective/reflective slant that even a jaded shithead like myself can draw something from. The packaging looks great, simple and straight forward with crisp photography (although on the front there’s a shot with a guy singing along whilst wearing a back pack. C’mon man this is not 1996 and you are not 16, get a grip).Overall this is a record by a band that has clear understanding and appreciation for the classic hardcore sound and aesthetic, and this release feels suitably authentic and enthusiastic. Good work chaps.

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