Saturday, 17 July 2010

I hear the voice of rage and ruin....

Coldsnap “Bad Moon Rising” CTW/D&G

This 7” is a split label release between Carry the Weight and Dead & Gone, making this release a kinda passing of the torch. Coldsnap are the perfect band to carry that banner, having clawed their way out of the wreckage of the old kent HC scene and breathed life into the new. They have had a few line-up shuffles since their last record came out, but those changes don’t seem to have stalled the engine at all, as the four songs here see them firing on all cylinders. The opening track starts off with a moody riff before Romans brackish vocals bowl in and the whole band proceed to slap you all over the shop. The outro-riff at the end is a real bruiser straight out of the Jamie Frye playbook, i imagine people will get hurt a lot when it’s played live. The second track opens with a choice sample taken from one of my favourite poems, W B Yeats “The Second Coming” whilst the riff they ripped off of Age Of Kali swaggers in underneath.The David Mayes once again showing some creativity behind the kit, with some snazzy fills. Musically the prevailing flavour on this record is of Lowest Of the Low mixed with the first Blacklisted record, perhaps with an aftertaste of illegal steroids? Romes vocals have plenty of bite and the lyrics appear to have an element of teutonic misanthropy to them that appeals to me immensely. The artwork (courtesy of Will Blood) looks great, and only adds to the apocalyptic feel. Love this band, the record absolutely rages, no whack singing parts no delusions of progression, just riffs harder than a cock up the bum on your first night in the big house. SRH destroys again. See’em on tour in July with The Hardway.

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