Sunday, 18 July 2010

"In brightest day, in blackest....WTF?"

Anyone who knows me, knows that beneath my cool exterior and rugged good looks, beats the heart of a true dork. I was suckled on comic books, sci-fi and fantasy novels and movies, and ran a comic book store for many, many years. Thusly, I consider myself pretty well qualified to call the image to the right a crock of shit.

I have waited years for the advances in special effects to finally reach the point where they can do justice do the Emerald Avenger that is Green Lantern. As a child i thrilled to the space fareing adventures of Hal Jordan and later (and still my favourite GL) Guy Gardner and the other GL corps. There's something immensely entertaining about watching a dude fly around smashing aliens with giant green hammers or sweeping robbers up with an enormous green dust pan and brush. Back in the days of Touchdown i would often take to the stage X'd up to the nines but rocking a Green lantern logo shirt. I never wore my silver Green Lantern power ring out though (the only item of jewllery I've ever owned other than my wedding ring), far too risky.

Anyhow, it's now 2010 and super-heroes are a dominating force in the box office. Some adaptations have admittedly been better than others. The Chris Nolan Batman movies have been right on the money and despite the Brian Singer Superman movie being a total snoozer it seemed DC was getting back in the mix. The announcement of a GL movie was thrilling to me, finally one of my schoolboy favourites was getting the big screen treatment. Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan? Hmm why not, he's got the physicality for the role and even though i think he's way better cast for his Marvel role as Deadpool, I kinda like the guy. I've been eagerly scanning the less salubrious spots on the internet where i hang out for my geek fix, looking for some set pics or a costume shot. Today i found it.

I dunno man, i'm still excited for the movie but that costume looks kinda whack. I know that green and white spandex would look super gay in a movie and needs to be updated to work on screen, but it's gotta be better than this weird techno- organic light-show that he's rocking in the pic? It looks like he's wrapped up in a bunch of radioactive weeds. Understand that this is purely an aesthetic criticism because as long as they focus on the important stuff and nail Hals character and strong moral stance (along with the all important ring-slinging) i'll still enjoy it. I don't doubt i'll be hopping up and down with excitement like a total idiot and insist on being first in the cue, again. I guess I was just hoping for something that honoured the original design more.

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