Thursday, 15 July 2010

Original Sins...

I frequently get asked (mostly by Yanks) about the Rot In Hell discography, what we have out, quantities etc. I don’t recall amounts pressed or anything like that, same with any band i’ve been in. Once it’s recorded I like to be onto the next project and i don’t really give it much thought once it’s completed. Anyhow, for the sake of a quiet life i threw this little list together of what we’ve released to date. Good luck finding some of these!

Discography to date:

Sins Of Malice demo tape (H13 Records)
Sins Of Malice demo cdr (H13 Records)
Rot In Hell/Braindead split 7” (Feast Of Tentacles Records)
Rot In Hell/Hordes split 7” (Rat Patrol Records)
Sins Of Malice demo 7” (Self Released)
Black Omega Demo tape/cdr (self released)
Rot In Hell/The Process split 7” (Feast Of Tentacles)
Beyond The Gates Of Janus tape (Live on Saddleworth Moor Bootleg)
Hallways Of The Always LP (A389)
Hallways Of The Always CD (Grot Records)
Kvlt Ov Kali Boxed Set (Self released)

Recorded But Not Released Yet:

Pearls Before Swine LP (Deathwish stINC)
Split with Wayfarer (CTW records)
Split with Integrity (TDON Records)
Split with Burning Love (TBA)


  1. I love the shading effect on the wart on my arm...

    PS, I'll send you the Hard Target CD to berate when it's sent back to me.

  2. You're welcome!
    Yeah mate send us a cd or the mp3's if you prefer and i'll give it a blast.
    Thanks for reading!

  3. One unmixed track up from the new record.
    Proper quiet, and sorry it's only one track so far, but you'll get the idea.