Thursday, 15 July 2010

forward back to eden...

So I shut this piece of shit down for a while to concentrate on some other projects. I was wasting time dicking around with this when i really should've been getting records out. Thankfully that issue is now resolved for the most part and i can recommence with the dicking. Thanks to everyone who got in touch asking me to put the page back up. Much as i don't really give a fuck if anyone reads this or not, it's always encouraging to receive a few complimentary emails, the support and interest is appreciated.

I finally took a long promised trip down to the South West this past week with my wife and one of the dogs, the purpose of which was to do a little research on some of the henges, barrows, tors and stone circles that litter the area. Something of a spiritual pilgrimage, if you will.
Extensive and exhaustive notes were made and some great photos were taken, and be assured those will all be appearing here sequentially as i write them up into something a little more readable.

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