Saturday, 12 June 2010

Sometimes you eat the bar...

Sometimes the bar eats you....

What a lovely collection of mistakes we have here. Top shot is Touchdown at the Goldsmiths Tavern. Anyone who ever attended a show there will agree that sketchy dive would probably need an entire blospot of it's own to truly do it justice. That's the show where i blew my knee out goodstyle and had to finish the set in a chair as my kneecap had swollen to the size of my head. Lecky and Onion lifted the chair with me in it onto their shoulders as we closed with a cover of Burning Fight by Inside Out, people were acting nuts and i think someone dived off a speaker onto the chair and sent me flying. Haphazard motherfuckers. John Alcock up front with his electrical tape X's, he din't wanna ruin his chinos as i recall. After the gig the whole crew wound up in some abandoned flat in London and Squash Head got locked in a cupboard for the night. We had to ditch early in the morning cos someone called the cops on us for throwing eggs from the balcony at people going about their buisness.

Second picture is amusing for the fact that Duggan is wearing black nail polish and some awful shirt. Only sxe dude left from that band though so fair fucks holmes. Is that Darke Of The Covenant sporting an ITC shirt?

Third is an outtake from the pics we took for the age of kali demo 7". We were all fed up of having our picture taken and started dicking around, i guess we had just watched Anchorman or something.

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