Sunday, 3 October 2010

I've learnt from observing how you play the game, that you and I are not the same...

Total War demo
This nasty piece of work arrived courtesy of Drainlands Jamie Grimes. If you are a fan of filthy, sludgey belligerent noise and you’ve not checked out the mighty Drainland, go HERE post haste and do the right thing. You’ll not be disappointed i assure you.
Anyway, Total War is the sound of a Dublin curmudgeon, foaming at the mouth, gnawing on his own tongue and thrashing around inside his cage as the clean cut youth of modern hardcore peer in with morbid fascination from the safe side of the bars. Four songs of foul, blown out and distorted to all fuck, hardcore.
Want a comparison?...Siege would be a good starting point, Deep Wound too maybe? Dublin 2012 has a wicked Greg Ginn style riff throughout, whilst the homeless drunk vocals gibber and rant over the whole racket. It’s not a comfortable listen by any stretch but i fucking love it, and if you’re a miserable old twat who hates the youth and thinks hardcore should sound like it was recorded in an abandoned, piss drenched bomb shelter, you will too. Lyrically, it's all righteous spite, malice and frustration. All these songs were written,recorded and played by just the man himself but Total War has since become a full band with members of Drainland and the ugly beast that is Crowd Control filling out the vacant spots. This is what we need. Thank fuck.

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  1. R.I.P.

    The kids don't deserve any more, so they aren't getting any more.