Saturday, 2 October 2010

Control demo

After what feels like weeks of being pestered by Controls vocalist for a review, here it is.

Control are a new band from the Durham/Middlesborough area, made up of both veterans and new blood alike. This is their second stab at recording a demo, the first quite frankly was a piece of shit, (though that was down to the recording not the songs.)

Much like Wardogs, Control are peddling straight forward and gimmick free traditional hardcore. Yeah they wear their influences on their sleeve, The Knockdown 7”, Floorpunch 7” and Youth Of Todays back catalogue have all been ruthlessly plundered and“Addicted” is pretty much a direct rip off of Floorpunch’s Not For Me, but still. If being unoriginal was a crime, I think we’d all be doing a long stretch in the pokey right? And at least this recording doesn’t sound fucking modern, it’s rough and ready and thats what i want to hear. I hate it when bands lay claim to the same influences as Control but make it sound all polished and squeaky clean and palatable, fucking soft scoop shite. It’s still punk rock for fucks sake not Poison or whatever people listen to now. When i hear a band like Control i want to see straight edge skinheads running across heads and sneaking digs on people they hate whilst caught in the mosh. Not, as my man in Dublin describes it “Get Along Gang bullshit”. Thankfully Control don’t fall into that category. Iains voice is gruff but not so gnarly that you can’t hear what the twat is chuntering on about and his lungs are far better suited to this type of stuff then when he was fannying about with Sarin. The musics full on and agressive, short and punchy with no pretensions or dodgy metal efforts. It is what it is. If you like old Youngblood Records stuff, or Stop & Think is your jam, give this lot a try. Just don’t be too enthusiastic or else they will pester you for shows and stuff all the time.


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