Saturday, 31 July 2010

Tears That Soak A Callous Heart

Moloch/Thou split 12" (Feast Of Tentacles)

I’ve been waiting on this absolute monster of a split to surface from the murky depths ever since we played with Moloch and Thou last year. Moloch are often compared to the likes of Dystopia or Iron Monkey and based upon these three ragers I'd have to agree. They open up their side with the ponderous Wroll, a minimalist death march drenched in feedback and seething vocals. This bleeds into Invertebrate, which is more of the same ponderous and grueling sludge with occasional frantic blasts of hardcore peppered throughout, the lyrics to this song are awesome by the way. Final song Dry Cough is heralded by a haunting Sabbath style riff before being dragged, snarling and writhing back into the mire.
Thou have become one of my favourite bands over the past year. They totally fucked my shit up at that gig in Notts. One of the loudest and most intense sets I’ve ever witnessed. Thou’s songs here are called Fleur De Mal and Loneliness Dances In the Gorgons Stare. Both songs have the beautifully evocative and inspiring lyrics i’ve come to expect from frontman Bryan Funck. Musically this feels like driving doomed out sludge seasoned with a hint of Neurosis or maybe the Melvins and some blacked vocals on the side. Like every Thou record I own this is beautifully packaged and comes with a screen printed poster too. If I had to describe this record visually it would be like being bound to a stake in the middle of a swamp, whilst a beautiful woman reads Rimbaud aloud to me and pours clay down my throat as the horizon burns. I don’t know why.

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