Saturday, 1 May 2010

"Scars are a reminder...."

I used to be in a band called Touchdown (I know) when i was a young'un. We existed for about two years in the late nineties, we broke up every other week and we had more line up changes (I was the second vocalist) than the Sugababes. That said, it was a hell of an experience and in retrospect I learned a lot of valuable lessons from the guitar player Diamond Dave. Plus we got to play with some awesome bands (Morning Again, Cold As Life, Vitamin X etc) so it wasn't a total wash out. One summer we ended up playing some shows in Europe, needless to say nothing went to plan. The van had holes in the bottom of the floor just like Fred Flintstones car, so i could actually see the road passing underneath as i tried to sleep. Dave fought a waiter in a restaurant in Switzerland, then when we all tried to leg it he ran face first into a glass door so hard that he left an impression of his sweaty face on the glass, resembling the Shroud Of Turin. There was a bunch of other retarded shit happening that i'll save for another day. We ended up playing at a youth centre in Switzerland with Earthmover, one of my favourite bands of the time. We played basketball with them and it got rowdy...Dave hated to lose! The show was dope, we played so many fucking cover songs and we were kinda sucky but for once people seemed to actually like us. Lenny from Earthmover joined us on stage for a Judge cover, pretty cool moment. After that Earthmover hit the stage like an atom bomb and just destroyed everything in their path, it was fucking beautiful. I moshed even though i had a busted up leg because It was a mosh or be moshed situation, you know how it is. Anyway, here's a picture i found that we took outside the venue with those dudes.

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