Saturday, 1 May 2010

Curved brims and guitar swings...

Amputee Records will be releasing a xCanaanx discography later in the year. Entitled "Curse Of Fates", the plan is to remix/remaster all the songs we recorded back then and mash'em all together on one limited 12" (with download code). Would have been rad to record the other two tracks i found recently on a rehearsal tape, but that's unlikely.
We're compiling a load of old pictures and stuff for the inlay zine that will accompany the release. If anyone reading this has any pics or flyers, get in touch, I would be stoked to hear from you. More info when we have it, until then here's some old photos i found from various shows 2000-2003.
The first shot was taken at the Underworld in 2003. We opened up for The Hope Conspiracy. As usual we rocked up late,promoter was stressing but we just wandered through the venue and onto the stage,plugged in and started blasting. Place was packed,the mosh was brought, people went nuts. Sorted.

Second shot is from a show in Canterbury, in i think 2002. American Nightmare, Sworn In, Canaan, The Last Chance and Spitfire Down. Me and Conan booked this one, hell of a line up and an insane turn out. We always had to steal carpets from the Allied Carpets skip down the road to lay out on the dancefloor, because the floors in the halls we used got so slick and sweaty that people would often eat shit. Lotta dudes travelled down from up north for this show, The Durham crew was definitely in effect for the northern bands but when we played, the Canterbury mob and the Manchester lads owned the floor. We opened with Vocal Test and it got real crazy real quick as the above pic illustrates. AN played last and despite having played in Margate the year before, i don't think they were ready for the reaction they recieved. With no stage and nowhere to run, Wes got totally mauled by the crowd. I foolishly drank a lot of Yop at this show and barfed when i got home.

Third picture was taken at a show we dubbed Beachfest, which we booked at the decrepit old Pavillion theatre right down on Westgate Beach in Margate in 2001. My Gran hooked us up with the venue, she used to run the bingo and line dancing down there back in't day. I've got some more pictures from this kicking about and i think that benchmark show warrants a post of it's own.
Points of note: My xChorusx shirt/neckbeads combo (+ baseball cap with properly curved brim)and Sketch is about to do something ridiculous.

Finally we have a moody black and white shot of Dargs, clearly about to pull off his signature guitar swing/stomp double whammy. Bands don't swing their guitars anymore, someone needs to bring that back. Always looked so cool.


  1. So many memories, I can't say for the last one as it's mostly a blur resembling Dargs but I know for a fact I was at all of the other shows pictured. Beachfests set of Gehenna Made Flesh in it's entirety was a turning point for me, that was the day I claimed the edge actually.

  2. Whatever became of Martin who ran Abstraction Records?

  3. No idea Scott.
    What was the name of that zine you used to do?

  4. Oh, love your blog by the way. You need to update that thing.