Saturday, 15 May 2010

Grazes demo

The gentlemen from Grazes kindly emailed me their demo last week for review after they happened upon this blog. Once again I know absolutely nothing about this band, never even heard their name around...but that’s probably more to do with me being a hermit than these guys not making a name. Short sharp punk rock blasts here, which to these ears sounds like The Final Plan or Panic without the mosh parts, a dash of Sabbath in the riffs department mixed with a soussant of that San Diego/Gravity records loose and frantic sound. I don’t have any lyrics for these songs but they have a track called kestrel For A Knave, Kes reference will earn you points. Someone has clearly pissed on the singers chips....he’s got a wicked voice that reminds me of Dave Claibourne from Unbroken, but more ragged and throaty. His phrasing is a little off in places which can sound a tad clumsy but thats a minor detail. The drummers got skills but his kit sounds overproduced,notably the kickdrum which appears to be triggered to fuck and sounds like Fear Factory or summat. I think a more organic drum sound would suit this lot better. Wouldn’t mind catching Grazes live,just as long as they smash the shit out of the crowd, their instruments and themselves in blind, breathless, cathartic rage. Edit: Just had a quick peep at their myspace, and it would appear the guitar player has got a lasses jumper on. Make of that what you will but they should be glad i didn’t see that until after i’d written the review!

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