Sunday, 9 May 2010

Crossbreaker demo

Part of the reason i started the reviews section of this blog was to get switched on to new music. I’ve been around the block as far as hardcore and punk is concerned and as one gets older, it becomes increasingly difficult to relate to new bands. It’s very easy to slip into the jaded mindset that often accompanies turning 30 and become disinterested in hardcore, art, hobbies, whatever, as other things start to take priority in your life. These days i view hardcore once again from an outsiders perspective and i’m enjoying hearing new bands again. I don’t know shit about Crossbreaker other than they are from Wales and obviously enjoy the support of the burgeoning scene there. I picked this tape up based purely on the fact that i had some loose change in paypal and the tape had Rasputin on the front cover, I’m a sucker for esoteric references. Opening track Disengaged bleeds up with an acoustic melancholic riff which builds the tension before smashing in with the drums and churning guitars. I expected the vocals to come in hard but the singer hasn’t really got the throat for that kinda work and opts for a more honest clean approach which totally works, reminds me of Dan Mills from the Cold World demo. Musically this is weird mix, some parts remind me of Burn with those kinda jangly sounding but still hard riffs. There’s obviously an appreciation for those massive early Rise and Fall style breakdowns here too, a lot of bands of this generation have clearly been influenced by that band, I’m not a fan but i’ll take that over ripping off Guns Up or rap music or some other bent shit. I feel that this is still a band in their early developmental stages and with a little more hair on their balls and some ground up glass in their diet,their next release will be right on the money.

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