Saturday, 17 April 2010

Santa Karla "Mouth Of Madness" 7” (Thirty Days Of Night)

OK, truth zone. Despite a couple of my good friends being in this band I never really gave them a shot in the past...why? I fucking HATED their old band Love That Kills. It annoyed me on so many levels that dudes with as much ability and HC know-how as Dan and Jason could play in such a shitty and contrived band. Anyway after LTK packed it in those dudes started SK and I kinda figured it’d be in much the same vein, so i politely swerved. I'm an idiot, the three songs on this 7” are absolutely fucking monstrous. Duggan's finally stopped bleating on about girls and succesfully channeled his inner bastard. Lyrically blood drenched, seething and frustrated, the words and delivery perfectly compliment what is on offer musically. The guitars crunch and churn and the guitarists throw in some doomy rocked out riffs, the drums sound like massive and the filthy bass drives the whole maelstrom headfirst into the abyss. There are some really nice lead guitar sections and if pushed for a musical comparison i’d say this sounds like old Darkest Hour mixed with the first Cursed album. It’s really encouraging to see a band raise their game like this, and if you are remotely interested in metallic hardcore, you’d be foolish overlook what these guys are doing. Oh, great packaging and design from Big Tom too, nice work.

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