Sunday, 18 April 2010

Lightbringer “Inhumation” 7” Haunter Records

Debut recordings here from the south coasts Lightbringer. A band comprised of veterans of the southern HC scene and counting former members of The Break In, Canaan, On Thin Ice, Age Of Kali, Thrown To the Wolves, Chaos Days and more amongst their ranks, there’s clearly a lot of experience at work here and it shows through in the quality of the songwriting and production. The three songs on offer here combine the intricacies and atmosphere of early Starkweather with the crunch of Above All or mid period Earth Crisis and some very Slayer inspired guitar chops. Dave’s got some flourish and creativity behind the kit and it’s great to hear him playing to his full capacity again. Vocally I expected this to kinda blow, but credit to Sam, he’s got some throat and the lyrics are a cut above, breaking some fresh ground in a genre that has became somewhat diluted of late. Personally i find it difficult reviewing a band when you’ve got so much shared history with the members, and though a spiteful, grudgebearing prick I may be, I’m also big enough to admit that this is really fucking good. Fair play gents.

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