Sunday, 25 April 2010

Legions Demo

Duggan had a spare copy of this demo and sent it my way to see what i thought. First impressions, not good. The artwork is some “tattoo” style upside down crucifix with some skulls hanging around., not really my thing. Opening the case i then discover that the band have elected not to include any lyrics but instead use the space to advertise where they recorded (The Cro’s Nest) and something else that i cannot read due to poor reproduction. The lack of lyrics suggests to me that they are either A) Embarrassed of the lyrical content. B) Place no importance on them or C) Are trieing to be mysterious. Regardless, it’s annoying.

Onto the music. We have three songs here all of the chunky metallic hardcore variety that was made popular by Blackfish Records some years ago. Reminds me of bands like Unite or Decimate that used to clutter up all-dayers in the late nineties, with their trackie pants, tough vocals and clunky mosh parts. Having said that, it’s not a total turd. The singers got a solid set of lungs, the drummers no slouch and there’s some decent Ringworm style riffs sneaking in now and again (as well as the main riff of Rise by Integrity) but it all just reminds me of too many wasted days spent enduring crap bands so I could mosh to Public Disturbance covering “No One”.

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