Monday, 26 April 2010

Breaking Point 7” (TDON Recs)

Breaking Point are a new straight edge band from my old South East stomping grounds. Comprised of four good dudes and Ben Saker, their demo was very well received and after a year of consistently playing shows and honing their skills, TDON unleashed these five new songs upon the world. Honestly, not what i was expecting. The demo was on a more early noughties tip (Murder Weapon/Frostbite etc) with hints of metal crunch, these five new tracks however sound more thugged out. I seldom listen to this kinda stuff so any comparisons i make are likely to be way off base...maybe a little similar to early Next Step Up or that old band xDeniedx that had those kinda big, mid pace , rugged, stomping breakdowns? Louis’s vocals sound as burly as you’d expect from a guy who could grow a full beard at 11 years of age and his lyrics are way more lifted than most of the meathead nonsense that tends to accompany this type of core. Live these guys definitely tear it up and I have enjoyed the sets i’ve caught. Its rad that there’s a straight edge band doing this style, rather than playing within the more accepted youth crew or metallic hardcore boundaries and i’m curious to see how their sound will develop on the forthcoming split with Wiretap.

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