Saturday, 23 October 2010

In Tongues demo

In Tongues are from Glasgow, Scotland. A tough city that produces rough sounds. My prevailing memory of this city is of playing there with Age Of Kali, Raise The White Flag and Out Of Hand some years ago. We parked our van on the pavement outside the venue and whilst we were loading out a bunch of local toerags climbed into our van through the side door and began helping themselves to our posessions. When asked “what the fuck you playing at mate?” our caledonian friends informed us they were “jus gittin’ ma baaaag pal”. No you aint mate. Props to Sketch for manning up on that occasion.
Anyhow, In Tongues sound kinda like if Mike Cheese was fronting Green Rage or some similar clunky mid-nineties metallic hardcore act. The recording is practice room standard which adds some grit to the whole affair but I want to hear the guitars crunch and the drums thunder ya kna'? Obviously this is a band in it’s infancy, so there’s a real mix of elements, influences and ideas herte, sometimes the songs sound a little confused because of it. There’s shades of early 90’s clevo, some nice crusty fast parts and an early Abnegation feel here and there that kinda works but the Strife’esque back ups don’t do much for me and sound a tad corny. Lyrically i'm bang into it, rallying against materialism and the modern world, right on. I would say that once they figure out what direction they want to focus their energies upon, these guys are gonna produce something a bit fucking nasty. I look forward to seeing what they churn out next.

Download The Demo HERE

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