Monday, 6 September 2010

We come from different schools, and that's as clear as my accent...

Along with Above All, Understand were my favorite English Hardcore band when I was growing up. Although from neighboring Essex, they were the nearest thing we Kentish boys had to local heroes and were more often than not, the perennial support band at any larger London Hardcore show. I often feel like these two great bands have been wiped from hardcore history and that’s a true pity. Expect a couple of posts (complete with downloads) regarding these bands in the near future. In the meantime have a watch of Understands Bored Games video. They recorded this EP with Don Fury in NY and it came out on Equal Vision Records in the states. The UK’s answer to Quicksand? Maybe. But regardless of that bold claim, you can be sure they definitely had some fucking style. Dom rocking a Supertouch shirt, Rob Coleman looking suave in an og Shelter shirt and Jazz John Hannon (with hair/sans hat), young as fuck and swinging his guitar like a mad bastard. Yes mate.


  1. wow. never seen that before. weird!!

  2. Understand defo underrated, great band, not seen this vid either but saw them in Leeds with Shelter & Sensefield, I have this 7" too