Thursday, 30 September 2010

I can't think of a lyrical reference to put here.

Apologies to anyone who’s sent me music to review over the past month or so. I appreciate that you care enough about my shitty opinions to send it in, I can’t decide if that’s cool or a little tragic. I would've thought that, even to the casual reader of this blog, it's abundantly clear I'm talking out of my arse most of the time. Anyway please understand that this blog is not my fucking job, i do it when i’ve got nothing else to do, like if I’m waiting for the dinner to cook or summat. Right now my time is occupied with some very serious and in depth study. I’m trieing to learn some card tricks so that I can duel West Yorkshires answer to the Great Suprendo, James Atkinson (pictured right), at his own game. It’s not easy, even for someone as majickally gifted as myself. I’m not as dextrous as i used to be, my sleight of hand is a little rusty ya know? Atko’s been doing this type of leisurely witchcraft waaay longer than me, so i don’t wanna be caught slipping right? Like the prophet B. Real once said...”when the shit goes down, you better be ready”. Wise words.
Also I’ve been thinking about Atlantis quite a bit and that’s more interesting than trieing to come up with inventive ways to say “your band should practice more/listen to better records”. So unless you've got songs about drowned kingdoms or druids just get off my back for a bit, fucks sake.


  1. brilliant post.

    atko said he is going to hypnotise me.

  2. Is he going to wave a completed nandos loyalty card in front of your face and convince you to drive him home?

  3. i would drive Atko anywhere.

    his odd coolness outweighs the cost of petrol itself.

  4. There's a deck of cards in the office and we were learning tricks at 3 in the morning doing the graveyard shift last week. I now know 2 tricks. Word.