Saturday, 14 August 2010


Boyd Rice,the man Charles Manson once described as a "black pimp" is the subject of a new documentuary movie entitled Iconoclast directed by Larry Wessel. For readers unfamiliar with the work of The Supreme Cunt..." Boyd Rice has delighted not only in bursting eardrums, but also bursting bubbles of smug complacency. Chameleon par excellence, his various paradoxical incarnations include multi-media prankster and legit actor, gnostic philosopher and camp culture aficionado, uncompromising Social Darwinist and louche martini-sipping raconteur, Satanist spokesman and the self-proclaimed descendant of the bloodline of Jesus Christ".

The documentuary naturally centres on Herr Rice but also features interview segments with the likes of Feral House Publisher Adam Parfrey, Kim Fowley, Rodney Bingenheimer, Coop, Dwid Hellion, Gidget Gein and Bob Larson.

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