Saturday, 5 June 2010

All across the country, there's people just like me...

Last weekend Rot In Hell headed south again for a show in the toilet of Albion, London town. Andy Capper, Vice magazines very own Warlock Of Firetop Mountain asked us down and since the only other time we’ve played London was two years ago at the same venue with Integrity) we figured, why not?The show had to be kept kinda secret for semi legal reasons which i won’t divulge here. Anyway, turned out that Dead & Gone Records were also hosting their farewell show the same night in London.Bad clash. The Integrity show got shifted to a midnight slot so that people could attend both. Good for them but a fucking incovenience for me. Who wants to play a set at midnight? Not me, but thats what happened. Drive down was pretty uneventful aside from driving to Hull by mistake. Conversation mostly revolved around Ley Lines, Sacred Geometry, Posi Mike resembling Lou Ferrigno crossed with the man from Del Monte and whether or not it was time for me to try hallucinogenics.

Never Again (pictured above) opened up proceedings and stole the show right there and then. Fast and furious straight edge hardcore, no bullshit, no posture, just the straight dope. Front man Luke Overin has an engaging and energetic presence and the reaction they got from the crowd was off the chain. I think they were covering SSD when i walked in and people were going nuts. They had a load of girls moshing though and thats something that looks awful to me, anyway they finished with Iron Youth and I mic hogged like an asshole. You are welcome.

We played next (pic below), I had fun playing but as is increasingly becoming the case, I felt no connection with the crowd at all. Maybe that’s no bad thing, we’re not the same after all.

Integrity took the stage after us and they were rad. The crowd seemed pretty spent but there were still plenty of old guys huffing and puffing round the dance-floor whilst Integ belted out the classics. The set list was culled from the earlier records and that was absolutely fine with me. Low point would be getting stuck up front with some dude shoving his crotch against my arse, but hey...thats the price of the pit right?

Coach Clifford drove us back to Leeds that night, dude was nodding off every five minutes so i had to keep shouting at him and poking his face. That’s all i got.

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