Wednesday, 5 May 2010

All Creation Undone

Wayfarer 12” “The Days Have Gone Down” CTW

Wayfarer are my favorite band in the UK, without a shadow of a doubt. I was fortunate to have been sent these recordings a good five months before they saw the light of day and i can honestly say they got jammed every day for a couple of weeks straight. I honestly cannot remember the last time i got so stoked on a UK band, (though it was probably the above all 7” on sure hand). For the uninitiated, Wayfarer contains dudes from Never Again and Breaking Point playing late 90’s style epic metallic hardcore. Drawing obvious musical influence from the likes of In Cold Blood (Suicide King era) and a little Integrity with shades of Morning Again here and there. Massive moody intros, haunting acoustic passages bleeding into some savage breakdowns...when Max bellows “All Creation Undone!!!! It makes me wanna steal someones fucking soul. Lyrically, most bands these days fail to grab my attention, not because they are crap (though many are) but because at 33 years of age its hard for me to relate to endless mundane songs about silly girls and two minute shame boys breaking edge and wigger teen angst. Wayfarer however have some fresh and intelligent lyrics, well researched (drawing inspiration from the poetic eddas) and articulate, each song works towards revelation of the theme, equal parts melancholy and belligerence. Whenever i listen to this record I’m put in mind of a battered Viking longboat, masts creaking as it drifts slowly in the mists, abandoned save for one restless, tortured soul at the prow, beard encrusted with frost, staring out through ice grey eyes, searching for the headland. Big Tom provides the artwork and once again it’s thoughtful, well researched and in keeping with the norse flavour of the release. The samples are tasteful and add emphasis to the songs rather than more audio clutter and as a monstrous Tolkien nerd i appreciated the LOTR references. A split with Rot In Hell is due out on CTW and I wait anxiously for the inevitable full length LP.

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